What is Dharma?


What is Dharma?

Your dharma is your purpose,

it’s why your here on Earth.

It’s a gift that you were given

in the time before your birth.

You have a special talent that is unique to you.

When you’re doing this one thing,

your happiness feels true.

You’ll share our dharma with many, or with just a few.

It doesn’t matter as long as you share it--

that’s why it was given to you.

from Deepak Chopra’s children’s book, On My Way to a Happy Life

There are many different meanings of the word dharma. Two of our favorite definitions from the Hindu tradition that support our intention:

    That which uplifts and supports.

    The sustainer of social life.

In the Buddhist tradition they talk of 3 jewels, the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha. The dharma are the teachings of the Buddha, the sangha is the spiritual community, and of course, the Buddha is the enlightened one.

While all this is wonderful, the real truth is we named our business “Dharma Partys” after our favorite TV sitcom, “Dharma and Greg”. Not the most spiritual reason but the show speaks volumes of our life’s philosophy, have fun, believe in miracles, and act a little crazy once in a while. The following You Tube says it all, enjoy!