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A Message from Dave & Dee, Dharma’s Founders

We created “Dharma Partys®” because we want to work and play with individuals and companies who have a similar vision for the world we want to live in. We believe if we treat our planet and each other with respect a whole new earth will unveil itself, one in which greed and competition no longer exist, and love prevails. This is why we support fair trade companies, small artisans with big visions and we round up each order to the nearest dollar to benefit the children of Africa ( .  And yes, we put the ‘why’ in partYs because, our parties have a Higher Purpose, to connect, uplift and support each other, while offering really cool stuff. 

Offering socially and spiritually conscious gifts for creating Sacred Space and supporting Spiritual growth.

Who hosts a Dharma Party?

Someone who loves our products and recognizes this as a unique opportunity
  to get together with friends. She values the information about improving the health of our bodies and deepening our connection to Spirit. She knows her party will be fun and thought provoking and wants to share this with others.

Our hostesses understand that their friends will not be pressured to buy anything but hopes they will find items they love. Anything purchased should come from the heart and not from a feeling of “having to buy” something. For her efforts the hostess receives a special gift and a discount on
her order but does not receive any further discounts or free items based on the volume of her friends purchases.

The true benefit to hosting a Dharma party is creating deeper, more meaningful friendships and knowing that you helped to raise the vibration of love on our planet.

Hostesses Rochelle and Charlotte Pollard


Who comes to a “Dharma Party®”?

Individuals of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds who want to connect more deeply to themselves – their Spirit, their essence – as well as to connect with and support others on the path of personal growth.

There comes a time when we realize that we are more than our careers, the type of car we drive, or our credit scores and that we are here for a Higher Purpose. That purpose is our Dharma.   Many of us have lost our way and gotten distracted by the craziness of the world. Dharma Partys are a way to bring us back home to our true nature, which is Love.

Dharma Partys® provide a safe environment to ask questions, share and explore new ways of thinking and being in this world.

We look forward to sharing the Dharma experience with you!     -   

Dee & Dave Munsterman

About Dharma’s Founders Dee & Dave This YouTube sums them up - Enjoy!